Prevent Denials

Protect Revenue

PreAdmit is a remote-based, 24-hour utilization review service that offers your organization real-time preadmission level of care determination, resulting in a reduction of inpatient denials.


Use our calculator to determine the estimated retained revenue your organization can achieve by partnering with PreAdmit.

Our remote-based RN Case Managers apply industry-standard medical necessity guidelines prior to admission, helping your organization avoid non-reimbursed hospital stays and set the appropriate level of care.

How We Do It


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Your Hospital’s Challenge

In an era of rising healthcare costs, insurers are constantly looking to deny payment for unnecessary or non-qualified inpatient hospital stays. Most hospitals provide in-house case management review, but are limited by available UR resources, especially during nights, weekends, and holidays.  

How do you ensure every hospital admission meets medical necessity? How do you staff for Utilization Review after hours and on weekends?

Our Solution

Our Tele-Utilization Review before admission reduces inpatient admissions that do not meet medical necessity and avoids post-admission payer denials.

Key Benefits of partnering with PreAdmit

  • Pre-Admission Utilization Review
  • After Hours and Weekend Coverage
  • MCG® and Interqual® Guideline Application
  • 2-Hour or Less Turnaround
  • Point of Entry Review
  • Concurrent Review
  • Inpatient and Ambulatory review

We offer a per-case rate to provide flexibility in the use of our services.